Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Tough Jake!!

I remember all you mothers of girls telling me when I found out that Cammie Jean was a girl that daddy's are just different with their girls. Boy were you right!!! Who in their right mind would have ever imagined Jake painting fingernails!!! Cammie Jean has been such a blessing it is so fun to watch all my boys softer, sweeter side come out. (Not that they didn't have one already!!!) You were all right Daddy's are suckers when it comes to there girl. I think we may be in trouble. HAHAHA

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So I have had this for a year, I guess I should post huh?

Well I figured I should join the blogging crowd, since I have had my blog address for a year. Life has been good. Logan is in first grade, he is loving reading. Brody is in pre school and loves it!!! Rafe is loving special time with me while the boys are at school. We all are loving having a girl in the house. We just started holding Horse gaming events at a arena in South Prairie that we gained access to. It has been a fun family project (if you want to know more go to Jake still works with his brother at Sabin Inc. The auction is coming up. We started our own foundation this year. It is called Hope For Little Hearts. There is still time to get your tickets to that. Don't miss out last year was a blast. Go to to get your tickets. Other then that life is still pretty much the same!!!