Saturday, January 30, 2010

Grandpas Bday

My smiley no front tooth boy.

Here he is again!!!

Brody and aunt Melinda Cheers!!!

Cammie Jean and aunt Melinda

Cammie Jean and aunt Melinda again

Cammie Jean and auntie Kayla

Uncle Lars and the boys.

Lars and logan

Mom and Dad acting like newlyweds.

Grandpa opening his gifts.
Grandpa and Cammie Jean

What can I say about this man. He is sooo wonderful. He is a loving, loyal, man. He is proper, and respectful. He is a great listener, and has wonderful advice. I am soo lucky all of my grandfathers all have/had this wonderful way about them. They were/are all so funny, and also quiet, but when they talk you best listen because you are going to be learning something important. I can almost guarentee it. I love you grandpa. You are amazing!!!

Cammie Jeans First Date

Do I look okay mom?
All pretty and ready to go. Pretty sure I approve of the guy. HAHA

Cammie Jean had her first date. She went to the hardware store. Got pics of it, so she knows her daddy was her first date.

New Years 2010

Pots and Pans at midnight!!!!
Brody is out like a light in Cammie Jeans Rocker. HEHEHE
Well this year was a first for us. We always told our kids at 10 that it was midnight. Well Yeah try telling that to a 7 year old who can tell time. That did not go over so well. So we had to wait until midnight. Guess we arent as sly as we thought we were. Will have to make sure to move the clock forward a couple hours next year. HEHE

Grandpa and Grandma Sabin visit

Grandma and Logna playing the WII
Grandma TRYING to beat Logan.
We just love Jimmy and Glorya soooo much. It is always sooo fun when they come and visit. The kiddos have such a good bond with them. Grandma is always sooo good about playing with them. It is soo cute. We miss them when they are not here. But man when they are it sure is a blast!!!!!

Trip to Paradise

Just some pretty spots. Explanation below of why there are no pics of the fam.

I loved this bridge.

Jake loved this canyon

Jakes Canyon again

The mountain up close!!

Jake forgot his sunglasses so.....
He used mine. HAHAHA
So our trip to Paradise was not all it was cracked up to be. Lets just say once we finally got there it got off to a rough start. Then the sledding hill was so far away that we couldnt just leave Cammie Jean in the car. So we had to lug all the baby paraphenelia with us. Then it was too cold so one of us had to hang at the car with her while the other played with the boys. Then the sledding hill line was forever long, so logan only got in two runs in like 45 minutes. So needless to say we are definatley Greenwater people. You can pick any hill you want, and park right next to it. Cammie Jean gets cold she can go in the car, and we are still right there. You don't see another person pretty much all day, which is nice. But I do have to say the scenery is definately nicer at Paradise.

Christmas Eve

Lars and Brandon enjoying time with their mothers
Kelsey and Liam singing with their grandpa and cousin doni

Liam dancing to the music

Cammie Jean singing and dancing

Logan enjoying a pop.

Daddy and Cammie Jean opening gifts

Grandpa Rice and Brody reading the Christmas Story
I just love this time of year. I love the special feel in the air. I love my family, but most of all I love the most precious gift, the birth of my Savior Jesus Christ. I love teaching my kids about the baby in the manger. I love teaching my kids what Christmas is really all about. So to all I say Merry CHRISTmas.

Misc pics

Jake working on the barn. Yeah that looks safe. I am sure OSHA would approve.
Cammie Jeans first curler use.

Cammie Jean after the bath.

Jake and Logan, again I am sure OSHA would be happy.

See they do love each other

Christmas Tree Trip

Daddy Mommy and Cammie Jean
Mommy and Loginator

Logan and Cammie Jean

Rafe sledding down the hill on a old footstool top. Yes we are that redneck.

The Fam

Cammie Jean loves the snow can you tell?

Rafe and Brody figuring a way to get up the hill.

Logan playing peek a boo.

Rafe had a little to much fun!!!

We go up to the mountains every year for our Christmas tree. I love it. It is a day for the whole family to be together, we sled, and get our tree. I love, love, love this tradition. I hope it will carry on once the grandkids come!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Cammie Jean uncle Lars

Brody and Uncle Doug!!!
Uncle Doug and Cammie Jean

The Lady who makes it all happen!!! Grandma is amazing she makes miracles happen!!

Brody chowing down on dessert!!!

Logan in a food coma!!!

Cammie Jean being a social butterfly. Theres something new.
Brody messing up cousin bries hair.

These two have such a special bond. He just absolutley adores her!!!!

Rafe hard at work cutting his food. Does he look excited to eat?

I love this time of year. It is so nice to see all the family. It is so nice to remember all the things we SHOULD be thankful for. There are so many things that get overlooked in our daily lives. so here are a list of just some of the things my family is so grateful for:

Eternal families
Healthy Family Members
The gospel
A home
Hugs from dirty hands
The chance to learn and grow form trials
Chidrens Hospital (it is so nice to have such a great hospital so close.)

Of course there are many many more, but these are some of the everyday simple things that I think get overlooked. What are you thankful for?