Friday, August 28, 2009

Make A Wish is Amazing!!!!!!

Wow, what more needs to be said. Make a Wish is a amazing foundation. They have given my family something we never would have been able to give ourselves. I can't even begin to explain to you what it means to be able to escape from reality for awhile. It is something I don't think anyone could comprehend unless you have a sick child. Brody is soooo excited to go and see the dolphins, and swim with them. He talks about it everyday!!! If you ever have the chance to donate to a foundation, Make A wish is awesome. They really roll out the red carpet for their wish kids. Literally the sky is the limit on wishes. Will post more pics of the trip when we get back!!!! I missed some pics in the slideshow of a few of the most important people!!! Our Make A wish volunteers Julie and Wendy!!! They are the amazing people who made all this happen. Also if you want to stay in the loop about Brody's medical status please visit it is a lot easier then retelling everyone over and over about docs appointments. Plus Logans little ears are listening a little too much to everything these days. You can click on subscribe to journal and it will update you everytime I update after that. Thanks for all everyone does!!! We love you all!!! Also something obviously got on the lense of the camera, (at least I hope) The kids dropped the camera and broke the display so I can't see the pics after I take them, so sorry for the blurry pics!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rafe is 3!!!!

I look like crud, but look at you, your beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

He was definately my fat baby!!!

This one is for you Kristen, it reminded me of our "tommy want wingy" conversation. HAHHA

Proof that he does have the gentle giant qualities
I just like your curiousity in this pic.

Rafe I remember the day you were born. We wnt to the hospital early. I was sooo worried about being late, that I forgot the camera, and we were a hour early!!!! I couldn't eat so there wasn't to much to do at 4 am. We got to the hospital and as usual the nurses tried to do my iv in my elbow, which never works your dad was so cute he got so mad, and said do it in her hand like she asked or get someone who can. I remember your dark hair when you were born. You were my first baby that got to come straight into my room, that was a new experience for me. Your bros had to be in the nursery. It was so nice to have you right there in my room. It was nice not to stay too long in the hospital too.

Rafe you are an amazing little boy. You are like the gentle giant. I say giant because I always called you my fat baby, but everyone made fun of me and said you really weren't that fat, but man compared to your brothers you were!!! You are very sensitive, yet very rough and tough. I love that you love to cuddle. You are a cuddle junkie. You love to try new things. You are not afraid of a challenge. You definatley were sent to this family to keep us on our toes, and trying new adventures. I know you will make a great missionary someday, because you are not afraid of a challenge. We love you and are sooo happy you are a part of our family!!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cammie Jean is One!!!

They were all so excited for you to get here!!!!!!!!!!!

You have been daddy's princess from the start!!!I love this hat, and the look on your face, like go ahead make my day!!!
Logan loves to hold you. He told me one day that he wishes you would stay small forever!!!

Yes you were spoiled from the start.

It was Cammie Jeans Bday on the 19th, but my computer was down and I couldn't do her bday blog. So here goes. I remember the day you were born. Grandpa and Grandma Sabin stayed with the kids so we could go to the hospital. Your Brothers were so excited to meet you. I figured that this being the 4th c section it would be smooth sailing. Your dad and the doc were out in the hall swapin hunting stories, and the nurse came out and told Dr. Shope to come in now!!! So once again your poor dad was left standing in the hall wondering what was going on. Apparently I like dramatic deliveries, I flatlined on the c section table. When I woke up, your dad said "see that flat line, your done having kids!!" I wasn't very scared, because, well, I wasn't awake but it sure scared your dad. My chest hurt really bad because the doctor had to thump it to get my heart going again.

We knew from the time we were pregnant with logan what we were going to name our baby girl. You were named Cammie-Jean after your grandmothers. You have brought such a special dynamic to this family. It is so much fun to have someone to dress in frilly, fun girly stuff. You have taught all the boys how to be sensitive and caring towards girls. It has been so much fun to watch you grow. You are a happy baby, and a blast to be around. You love to smile at everyone, and you are just like Brody you can light up a whole room with your smile. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father saw our family as the perfect fit for you. We love you and could not imagine life with out you.

PS will add more pics later, it takes forever with blogger.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Brody is 5!!!

Where do I start with this amazing little man!!! I remember the day you were born. I didn't have enough amniotic fluid while I was pregnant with you. I had to go in for ultrasounds once a week so they could check and make sure you had enough to survive. I was eating cereal early on August 5th, 2004. I thought maybe my water had broken but I wasn't sure, so they had us come into the hospital just in case. So we packed big brother logan into the car and headed for Auburn Regional. It was a beautiful sunny day. About the time we were driving past the supermall, I got the impression that I was going to have you that day. But I put the notion aside because it was six weeks early. They took me in and did a stress test, and confirmed I was in labor, then they tried to get me down for a ultrasound, and the techs by law couldn't tell us anything, but we had logan with us, so I kept asking. Finally I said look I need to call someone to come get logan if this is the case. So a student leaned over and said don't tell anyone I told you this but have someone get your son there is no amniotic fluid left. SO grandpa and grandma rice came and got Logan at 4:30 and you were born at 5:17. Everyone was huddled over you getting you situated, and you were born c section so I was trying to see you. When I finally did, I said look at that hair!!! Then they wisked you away to the nursery. Now after a c section you are not suppose to get out of bed for 12 hours, but the nurse new I was anxious to see you. Everyone kept coming into my room and telling me how beautiful you were. I wanted to go be with you. So the nurse helped me sit up, and asked me if I was going to puke or dizzy, I lied and said no, I wanted to see you sooooooooooo bad. Well they stood me up and I fainted, so I had to wait to see you. But I finally got my chance to see you, and you were amazing!!!! There were other babies in there born early and you were such a fighter!!! We were so lucky no ventilater!!! From the very start you have been a fighter. You have a smile that can light up a room. No matter what kind of day I am having, if you smile it melts away all the other cares. Your father and I know that you were sent to this family for us to grow, and mature in the gospel. You are a barrel of laughs!!! You definatley have been blessed with a sense of humor. You are a amazing little boy, who has the ability to connect with everyone around him. We are so blessed to be able to call you our son!!!!