Thursday, April 30, 2009

Logan is 7!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, it really doesn't seem like it has been that long. I remember Logan was due April 17th. SO when labor wasn't progressing at all on the 28th, my doc scheduled me to be induced on the 30th. I did not sleep a wink that night. Knowing my life was about to change forever. I remember driving to the hospital. It was early in the morning, about 5am. It was sunny. I remember getting all hooked up to the IV's and everything. They had to give me penicillin, little did I know or they know I was allergic. (Now mind you the nurse had just got done showing your dad all the buttons to push in case of a emergency.) My eyes rolled back in my head and I started having seizures. Freaked your dad out!!!! The nurse said "push the button!" and your dad just handed her the tv remote, the nurse call, and the phone and said you do it. Then at 10:30 am the doc came in and said labor wasn't progressing at all and I could try for another 3 hours or so, and have an emergency C section with no drugs, or I could have a c section now. SO I opted for the C section with drugs.

I remember the first time I saw you. You were beautiful. Yes I said beautiful, it is okay for boys to be beautiful when their mother is talking about them. You were so furry. I loved that. I remember taking you home. Your dad and I were totally in awe. You have always had such a special spirit about you. I wasn't a member of the church when you were born, but I remember the way I felt when I held you. I don't even think I have ever told the Wortons this, but I was showing them houses about two maybe 3 weeks after you were born. I was waiting for them to get there and the song "fingerprints of God" was playing. (It says I can see the fingerprints of God, when I look at you, oh I know it's true, your a masterpiece that all creation quietly applauds, you are covered with the fingerprints of God) For the first time I realized you came straight from Heaven. I always new I was suppose to believe it, but I never new it. It was at that moment that I KNEW you came to me from Heaven, and that you were a creation from your Heavenly Father. I truly believe that you were sent to this family to help your mommy see that she needed the gospel in her life. That is something I am so thankful for, and it will always be a special bond that we share. Even though you weren't old enough to talk, you helped me feel the spirit and you spoke to my heart and brought me to the gospel. I love you and I am proud to be your mommy. I love coming to class and hearing people say "logans mommy". I love seeing your smiling face when you know you are choosing the right. I love how you bravely bear your testimony when you feel the spirit. I love how you watch out for your little brothers, and sister. I love your helpful attitude, and most of all I just love YOU!!!! I know you are going to be a successful young man, and a great missionary. I am so excited that I get to be part of your journey. I am so proud of you!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Make A Wish......

We are sooooooooooo excited. Brody gets to go on a Make A Wish trip, well really the whole family gets to go. Brody was so funny. After we got the call that he got to go, I was asking all of the kids if you could have one wish on the whole world, or go on any vacation in the whole world what would it be? Logan said Seaworld. Brody said a helicopter (like an actual helicopter that he could sit in and fly),

I said "I don't think that will happen, is there anything else? "

He said " A bicycle helmet"

So jake and I did not want to be one of those parents that directs the wind but it looks like we had to. So I took him upstairs to the computer and showed him lots of different places we could go. A long time ago we were watching a show about swimming with dolphins and he loved it.

So I said "you want to swim with dolphins?"
His little face lit up and he said "yeah!!!!"
So off to the only place that i knew you could swim with dolphins. The Atlantis website. SO I show him the pic of the dolphins and he says
"oh no that fish will bite me." So I say
"where do you want to go?"
He says "I want to go to the place you tell me I want to go."
So I name 3 or 4 places and he says no to all of them and says
"quit telling me where I want to go on bacation"
SO I say where do you want to go
he says I want to go to the place you tell me I want to go.
This goes on for about 3 more rounds. Finally he sees a pic of a golf course in hawaii, and says I want to go there.
I say to that hotel?
He says no the green grass and trees.
I say yeah the hotel has those.
He says no I want those trees and grass.

So then I decided to give Jake a whirl at it. We have narrowed it down to swimming with dolphins. He decided that was what he wanted to do. I got the paperwork yesterday in the mail. I almost cried, (a good cry) I can't believe this is happening!!! Although we had to direct the wind a little, I know he will have a blast. We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS We are trying very hard to include Logan in this so if you ask Brody and Logan is standing there, please make sure to ask him about it too. Thanks!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

My nephew is hillarious

So my nephew today was being tickled by his grandpa. He accidently peed in his pants a little and his dad was like

"why would you do that? I don't pee in your pants!!! (he meant to say my pants."

My nephew says "Why would you pee in my pants? That's gross"

He is such a funny kid!!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What did the sabins do for spring break?

Monday March 30th
We went to the Pacific Science Center. It was only 1.00 to get in it was great fun. A slide show is posted above this posting.

Tuesday we stayed home and cleaned house. Decided not to take pics.

Wednesday we visited grandpa and grandma rice, and got to eat at Mcdonalds. Forgot the camera for pics. Dangit!!!!!!

Thursday Logan got to go play with Peyton, excuse me Jared. I went to pick logan up for horse riding lessons, and Rafe was suppose to stay in the truck, but he forgot to listen, fell out of the truck and caught himself with his forehead. He cracked it pretty hard. Hard enough that the firetruck, and ambulance came. We sabins don't do anything part way. So we left in the ambulance, as a precaution as it was a head wound and we could see down to the bone. Below are pics. We got to the hospital and the doc looked and said the bone looked great just needed stitches then we could head home. A quick thanks to Amy for finding priesthood so quickly for a blessing, the Rodartes for watching Logan the yummy bread and cookies too!!!, Jessica for watching brody and cammie jean, and brother bradshaw, and slagle for dropping everything and coming to give a blessing, and of course to the sweet bishop who tried to visit us. Bishop said it might be advisable for my kids to put on helmets when they wake up. I would have to agree.

Friday, we went and saw Grandpa and Grandma Hale.

Saturday we listened to morning session of conference, then we went to watch our friends brandon and trisha in a horse gaming competition. Then we went to the park for a little picnic and play.

Sunday we listened to conference and then went to a bbq at the wagners

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some of my favorite quotes from conference

Here are some of my favorite quotes from conference. I missed a lot of it because my kids are so young, and don't quite grasp that even though we are at home it is still church. So bear with me if I don't finish a complete thought, I was most likely interrupted. I loved from Allan F Packer these simple statements:

"We must know and know that we know"
"Testimony is to know and to feel, conversion is to do and to become."

I loved these because it is a call to action. We can't know and know that we know with out prayer and study. We can have a testimony, and feel and say all the right things, but until we are doers we are not fully converted. What great reminders. I also loved this great reminder from his talk:
"Having the capacity to recieve revelation will become neccessary in the coming days."
If we are not doing the little things everyday like reading our scriptures, saying personal, family, and couples prayer, going to the temple, keeping temple covenants, living so that we can answer our temple interview questions honestly, attending our church meetings, ect. it is going to be hard to recieve the neccessary revelation to guide our families.

I wrote down many other notes, but as I said it is hard to pay attention especially when brody, and rafe are awake. So I am going to put them down for their nap, and I will share the rest later, after afternoon session!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The real world!!!

There is this song, it is the first one that plays on my playlist. I am not usually one to put up a blog about political stuff, but I do have to say this song is how I feel to the core.

"My daddy taught me everyone in this country is the same, you work hard for your dollar and you don't pass the blame, when it don't go your way, now I see all these big shots whining on my evening news about how thier loosin billions and its up to me and you to come running to the rescue. Well pardon me if I don't shed a tear, cause their selling make belief and we don't but that here. Cause in the real world their shutting Detroit down. while the boss man takes his bonus pay and jets on out of town. DC's bailing out them bankers as the farmers auction ground, yeah while their living it up on Wall Street and in that new york city town, here in the real world their shutting detroit down. "

This is how I feel to the core. If I make a bad business decision nobody comes and bails me out. They are bailing out these companies as there are millions of small companies going under. They are bailing out the big ones, and the big companies are just taking the money and running with it. They are not being held accountable for thier actions and I think it is just flat wrong. They are getting special treatment, and it is just wrong. In business if your company goes under, then it goes under. There is no excuse this America. If you didn't save for a rainy day, not really the taxpayers problem. You have every opportunity in America to come up swinging even if your business fails. These decisions are going to effect our country for years to come, and we are paying these big bankers CEO's salaries while people are loosing their houses, and healthcare and jobs. I know, I know a little soap boxish, but I just couldn't take it anymore. I am sick of all the whiners, who are lazy and don't get up and improve their situation. Instead they wait for the government to fix it, which effects people like us who work so hard to stay stable.