Friday, November 4, 2011

Me and kiddos trip to montana july 2010

This is the pond that jake lived at this summer

Auntie Heidis Pool With Grandma

Bike Jumps Summer 11

Random Cammie Jean

Feb 2011


Date only way to get us both. lol

Great Wolf Lodge Jan 2011

Misss Jessica got to come with us!! Love that girl!!!! Incase you cant tell it is snowing in the lobby

Ward Christmas party 2010

More Christmas tradition 2010

Christmas tree 2010

Hey look at that I remembered to get out from behind the camera.

Rafe getting his sled on

Cammiejeans all pretty in purple

Logan building a jump

Rafe is gonna "push that tree right over"

November 2010

Because who doesnt need a rooster in the snow. lol

Uhhh yeah where was mom on that one?

My little logan wants to be just like daddy

So we got to go on a trip just Jake and I thanks to some very generous friends and family who watched the kids so we could get a little one on one time and this is what we came home to!!!

Trunk or treat 2010

My little teenage mutant ninja turtle

As you can see the boys are thrilled that there is dancing

Daddy and Cammie jean

Wheres mommy? Oh thats right behind the camera. lol

So it's no surprise........

Uhhhh yeah I got so busy with photography that I forgot about the most kiddos!!!! So here is my new theory (especially being so far from family) Sunday is a day for the Lord and family so I am going to blog each week on Sunday, now I know I have made these promises before but, im new in town and since we should be settled into our new house next weekend I should have lots of free time. lol

So without further procrastination here is cammie jeans first curlers OCTOBER 2010 (only a year behind, but hey whos counting)