Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Girls Nights Out!!!

I have to say I love my girlfriends!!!!!!!!!!! I have so much fun on my girls nights. It is very rare that we get together these days. Mainly because we have 18 kids between us!!! How crazy would that be!!! We thought it would be easier as the kids hit school, but it has proved to be busier just in a different way. Oh well I guess there is a time and a season for everything, huh? We all joke because the only time we can get together with no kids is when our hubbys are home, which is at night when the mall is closed. So where do we get to spend most of our our outings? Wally World. Unless someones husband is gracious enough to put up with a bunch of loud women, then we get to have it in the comfort of someones home. (thanks eric and maribel!!!) .

The Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The goofy girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One hot mama!!!!!!!

We had quite the spread of food. No wonder I am not loosing any weight this week!!!!!!!!

What happens when you mix sprinkles, kids, no mom, and butter.

This is what happens when you have children. You no longer get to have "normal" butter. The little green Christmas trees were a sweet surprise on my toast this morning. HAHA If you don't learn to laugh at things like this (of course only when the children aren't looking, and after you have punished them.) someone might end up hurt, or you might end up in the crazy bin. Although that might not be so bad, 3 square meals a day that I don't have to cook, someone who listens and analyzes ever word I say, can wear pajamas all day, hmmm...... I will have to contemplate that. HAHAHA Just Kidding.

Friday, January 23, 2009

This is a little boy with amazing faith. Warning this will make you cry. I love how sure this little boy is of our Father in Heavens plan for us all.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Logan and Mommy time!!!

So I had a very interesting day today. Yesterday I promised Logan I would make cookies with him. Well to say the least I have had a interesting day. But unfortunately no matter how interesting the day "mommahood" and momma promises always come first. Thank goodness for children. I think Heavenly Father knew that was exactly what I needed. To spend some time with my precious Logybear and remember how fun mommahood can truly be. The babies all went down for their naps and it was just me and logan. It was great. Well at least he will know how to make cookies on his mission. Can't promise anything else. HAHA

Me and Logan

Logan decided to use raisins? Okay he definitely can't be my kid, where's the chocolate?

Wow aren't they great?

(Below) He is such a boy!!! I swear he did not lick the cookies. So if you ate some I swear we were sanitary!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes I am addicted to blogging.

So you all have shown me how to blog. (Obviously still learning about the backgrounds and so forth.) And now I am addicted. Jake asked me the other day, "what is with you being the picture queen lately?" I said "I have always been a picture freak" He said "not like this" Then I realized I am taking pics of everything. Looking for something to post. I justify it saying I am keeping grandma up to date. But lets be real. I am a proud momma who is loving sharing my family. So without further wait here are some of the moments captured.

The daniels and us going to the carbon and checking the level. Uh... If even the police where the blockades were are gone does that mean we should evacuate? Nah!!! We always wanted a helicopter ride.

Rafe snuck into pudding and brown sugar. Most likely while I was blogging. HAHA

These boys are so fun. They got in a diaper box and used it as a car to go to the drive ins. They are like having twins, except they are different ages.

PS I started a new work out and set some goals for myself. Feel free to ask me how it is going. That way I know I have people to answer to. So I won't quit. HAHAHA

Friday, January 9, 2009

Since the blog is called Sabins Life on the mini farm, i figured I should probably include pics of the animals, right? So we bought some sheep for the muttin busting for Playing Cowboy. Well I guess we now know why the guy was getting rid of them so cheap........umm they were pregnant. So not only are we horse gaming event holders, excavating company workers/partners (I am not exactley sure what we are). but apparently we are sheep farmers now. Let me tell you why Heavenly Father compares us to sheep. Sheep are so stupid, you save one from drowning in the creek and it goes right back to the place it almost drown. I am sure that is why Heavenly Father comapres us to sheep. He is like okay we didn't learn the lesson lets try again. Anyways if anyone wants to bring the kiddos to see the sheep give me a call. We have a baby one, a set of twins, and now realizing that those sheep were not fat, but pregnant, I am guessing we probably have another set of twins on the way, and another baby sometime in the next 3 days or so.

PS If you were thinking of buying sheep I was kidding they are so intelligent you should come buy some from us. Great lesson for the kids. Also for all my primary parents I am so bringing pics on sunday and telling all your kids that they are for sale. HEHEHE

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cammie Jean

Thank you to all for the prayers, dinner, babysitting, and conversations when I was bored at the hospital. Cammie Jean is home, off of O2 and doing well. We really appreciate all of the support. Love ya All!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cammie Jean RSV

Hi all
We are so grateful for the continuous support from our family, friends, and church family while Cammie Jean has been in the hospital. She is still in the hospital. They tried to take her off of oxygen but had to put her back on this morning. (she has to make it 24 hours without O2, she made it 21. Darn it.) So we are back on O2 and once she makes it 24 hours we will be back home. Thank you so much again for all of the prayers and support. We love you all!!!!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cammie Jean

So as most of you may have heard, Cammie Jean is in the hospital. She has Bronchiolitis. She also has RSV. Her breathing has not gotten better, she is still on O2. We are hoping to ween her from the O2 tonight. But we will see. Thanks for all your prayers. They are very appreciated. Please feel free to call if you want to know something. Love you all. Love the sabins!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best of 2008!!!!!!!!!

Well it happened 2009 is here!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few of the best of 2008 from the Sabins. We had a lot of great moments, but I am going to just highlight a few. But before I do I would like to share a couple of things that we have learned this year.
  • For those of you that know us you will understand our family motto that I sort of stole from another friend. "prepare for the worst hope for the best." I have learned that in doing so we can be prepared for whatever comes our way.
  • Being a mother is easy, being a good mommy is hard.

    A clean house is nice, but my kids will remember me playing with them more.

  • There is something special about daddy's and daughters.
  • Heavenly Father is a Father of mercy, and will never forsake us, or leave us comfortless.

  • 6 year olds know everything.
  • The Lord does not give us any trial that we can not handle, and any trial we get is because He loves us and wants us to learn and grow.

  • I have great friends, and family!!!!
  • Last I always knew that I loved my family and that we can be together forever, but I really have a deeper understanding of what that means. It is one of the most precious gifts I have ever been given. My family is Foreever!!!

Rafe went in the river with his diaper so he had to walk back to camp diaperless.

Hope for Little Hearts (Notice the trying to hide baby belly, what did I think I was hiding?)

Brody snuck into the suntan lotion and then snuck outside into the dirt!!

Our little family!!! Finally a Girl!!

Football with Logan!!

Great Grandpa Hales 90th Birthday!!!


Cammie Jean on Sabin Christmas

Snow with the Rodartes

Our horse trip to long beach.

Our long nights spent at the Playin Cowboy arena

(below) Rafe snuck out to hunt Coyotes. (Note the toy gun in hand)