Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Choose This Day

Choose This Day

This video is amazing!!! I won't ruin Presidents Eyrings words with mine. Just watch it. I promise you will be uplifted.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sealife Park

The Boys loved the turtles. We got to feed them. It was awesome.
I loved this pic!!!

Not sure what they are looking at. More pics of sealife park to come!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pool and More

The manual focus was still on. Dang it!!!! Boys kept leaning down to see where the water went and then it would splash them in the face. It was funny.
Me and the kiddos.

Jake is smiling now, but little did he know that brody was out like a light and he peed on him. HAHHA Jake just thought he was sweating. HAHAHA

Turtles on the beach!!!

We saw turtles right on our beach it was sooo awesome!!! Pics are kind of blury I accidently had it on manual focus instead of auto. Dang It!!!

Fun at the pool!!!!

She just was too cute not to post!!!
A view of the pool from our balcony.

The boys playing at the water splash ground

This pic just reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite, when he drinks in the movie, too funny not to share.

We spent a lot of time at the pool. It was soooo much fun!!! The pool was amazing!! The kids loved it soooo much!!!

The Beach and Pool!!!

Logan Coming down the slide!!!
Cammie Jean likes the pool a lot better then the beach!!!

The Boys at the beach. Rafe was scared of the waves!!!

Cammie Jean wanted to go back to the pool!!

Logan loved the beach. He had a ton of fun!!!

He we are on the beach and at the pool!!! The kids loved the pool, they thought the salty water was wierd though!!!

Getting our lais and luggage

Brody getting his Lai!!!!
Jake getting his!!!!

Us in the breezeway before we got our luggageThe boys thought the luggage carousel was awesome

Big boy logan!!! He was sooooo helpful!!!!

When we got to the airport there was someone there to give us lais!!! It was awesome. She helped us get our luggage to the shuttle, which was awesome with all the kids. Make A Wish in general is awesome!!!

Hawaii Posts - Plane ride over

Warning!!! There will be a lot of posts because I am unsure if the blog books post alll pics from slideshows, so get ready for a ton of posts!!!! The captain invited the boys in to see the cockpit before we took off, we got to be the first ones on the plane!!!
Brody getting excited to land!!!

Logan is ready to unbuckle!!!!

Rafe not sitting still!!! What else is new!!!

Picture from the plane before landing.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Brodys first day of school!!!

Brody had so much fun. We had an eventful first day of school. We got there and they were no tgoing to let him in because I forgot to write his chicken pox vaccine on his immunization form. So I said sorry I will come write it on there. Then they wanted proof from a doc. So we know he is immunized so we just opted out, and he got to go to school. Crazy!!!! He loves school though. He is just soaking it up!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Logans First Day of School

Logan is such a good boy. He was sooo excited for his first day of school. He looked so handsome in all his cowboy clothes. He really wants to be his own person and I think that is soooo cool. I love that he still let me come in to class and take pics. I dread the day when he will be too cool for that.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Rafes first day of school!!!!

Rafes first day of school was great!!!!! He went right in didn't need mom to stay. That was a big change from nursery!!! I was sooo proud of him, and decided not to rock the boat. If it ain't broke don't try to fix it, so I lieft and said my good-byes at the door. SO far so good. He loves school!!! Woohoo

Ride to Frying Pan Lake

These are pics from mine and jakes ride to frying pan lake. My parents took the boys for the day. It isn't often that you find a free babysitter for 3 boys. So we decided to get Cammie Jean a babysitter and take advantage of the day. It was fun to feel carefree for a day. We don't get a chance to ride our horses together very often, it was a blast.


This was one of the funnest family home evenings. We found a secluded spot on the creek in orting, and swam and played on the boogie boards, then we came back to our house and had a bon fire. It was just a low key relaxing night. I loved it!!!!!!!!!

here are soem of rafe on his bday

Cammie Jean and Rafes Bdy

I love that pic of cammie jean. I will have to post more of rafe on his bday next.