Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Brodys CHRISTmas program

His CHRISTmas program was so awesome.  His music teacher had them sing away in a manger, a walk to bethleham, and a few others.  I told her how grateful I was that she included CHRIST in the program, and she told me well I haven't been to jail yet.  lol She also said if parents have a problem she just says its part of a heritage.  That is what CHRISTmas is.  It is CHRISTS birth, so its kind of hard to teach them about CHRISTmas with out singing those songs that are part of that heritage.  I love it!!!  Anyways here are a few pics and such from the program. 

A different kind of CHRISTmas

Well as you all know we moved!!! My brother is getting married in January, so that meant a decision on our part..... Go home for CHRISTmas and miss the once in a life time wedding, or miss CHRISTmas for one year and go home for the wedding.  We opted to go to the wedding.  Probably a good thing since we are in it.  lol  CHRISTmas definately was different, not a bad different, just different.  It was the first time in 32 years that I missed my families CHRISTmas eve party.  First time in 13 years we didn't go to the mountains to sled and get a tree, we had to go to the grocery store to get a real tree.  weird!!! I was sooo sad to miss it.  But now lets look at the bright side of things.  CHRISTmas was on sunday so we got to go to church on CHRISTmas, that was awesome.  I mean after all.....
We were able to have new friends over and have a white elephant gift exchange, in which I walked away with a wax toilet ring.  (stop laughing Kristen.)  CHRISTmas morning we opened our gifts, dad opened "the white envelope" and came home from church and took naps, which was also nice.  Haven't been able to do that in forever.  Again not bad just different.  Then we called our families.  I am so excited to see all of you soon!!  Although I can't believe I forgot to take pics.  I will regret that some day when I am grey and old and wondering what we did for CHRISTmas 2011.  lol. 

Even with CHRISTmas being different there is one tradition we were able to keep one tradition that is sooo important.... reading our CHRISTmas book every night in December until CHRISTmas.  It is so nice to be able to slow the hustle and bustle of the holidays and focus on what matters most.  The precious little CHRIST child.  After all He is the reason for CHRISTmas.  Each and every night no matter how hectic the day we sit down as a family to read out of that special book of CHRISTmas stories and nothing else mattered except for that precious gift from our Heavenly Father.  My kids could calm down and they love hearing the stories and for that moment in the day in my home all is calm, and all is right.  I love looking up as I'm reading and watching them hang on every word.  Watching them all cuddled up.  I love the time after the story to talk about what we learned.  Some may look at it as a beautiful gift to CHRIST,  I look at it as a beautiful gift from CHRIST.  With out Him deciding to come to earth, I wouldn't have that beautiful moment with my family each day.  That moment when time stops and nothing else matters.  So I am grateful that even though CHRISTmas was different, CHRIST continues to be our steady rock. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

special needs

Sometimes special needs can be sooo exhausting.  Not to mention expensive.  lol  This post is funny to me for sooo many reasons. 
A)  We have been denied SSI for our little man for lack of proof of special needs due to lack of diagnosis.  You want proof read this.  lol
B) I have heard it said that a lot of people view blogs as peoples Disneyland life, that people only put their best face on.  Let me just say if this is disneyland I want no part.  lol
C) After he broke the first screen I said no more computer at all.  He begged and begged for a couple days and assured me he was sooo sorry.  So even though the spirit told me no I let them use the only other computer we have to  watch netflix since our tv isnt moved in yet since we are waiting on carpet in the living room.  Can you say sucker?  So yes now we have two broken computer screens.  lol
So 150 dollars later lesson learned, and dually noted.  Hmmm maybe the docs can diagnose now.  lol

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Goofy Girl

Enough said.  lol

Sidney Santa Parade

Sorry for the cruddy pics it was my phone.  The santa parade was sooo cool.  They threw candy and the whole town came out, afterwards you could go meet santa at the local grocery store.  Loved it!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011


Jake would be sooooo embarassed if he knew I was writing this. This has been on my heart since I first heard the song thats playing.  I cried the first time I heard this song.  All I could think of was Jake.  I am so lucky and honored to be married to a man who is willing to do anything to provide for his family. 
We had tried everything in Orting to keep our business afloat.  We held on until we couldn't anymore.  He had no work in the pipeline,we were not sure how we would pay our mortgage.  He heard that work was busting at the seams over in Sidney, Montana.  So we prayed.  We both got our answer.  The same answer.  That he was to go.  It was scary.

Many of you don't know this story but we took the last $1500 we had bought a camper for him to sleep in and he left for Montana, because he heard there was work.  I love the first verse because this is what life was like for Jake.  He pulled into the first place he saw in Sidney that did excavation, gave them his resume.  That is where he was at, everything about me is on that page.  Nothing to hide, just need a job, I will work weekends if I have to, give you 40 and then some what ever it takes.  (although he never served in the army)

Gave my last job everything before it headed south, took the shoes off my childrens feet and the food out of their mouths.  This line gets me everytime.  This man knows what it is like to not be paid for a job.  He always paid his subs no matter the sacrifices we had to make as a family because he knew what it felt like to not be paid,and he did he gave it everything before he left for Montana.

I got a strong back, steel toes, handy with a wrench, theres nothing I can't drive and nothing I can't fix, aint to proud to sweep the floors.  Again just so proud to have a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to provide for his family.  Who doesn't run and hide because the wolves are at the door, but faces them and does his best to feed them and send them on there way. 

The Lord has blessed us immensly since we have been here, and I know it is due to my husbands righteous leadership of this family, and his hard work.  I am so grateful to be here in Montana, and have a man that is willing to take a leap of faith and follow the Lords counsel even when it seems crazy.  Well I guess I will stop bragging.  I just had to do it, since my blog is my journal.  

Landscape pics/Montana Love hate

You wanted landscape pics, here they are.  And what does this mean oh yeah I am officially caught up!!!!!!!! Woohooo!!!! 
Montana Loves:
  • Sunsets all beautiful everyday.
  • its sunny
  • Only rained about 5 times since I have been here.
  • its sunny
  • Even though its 8 below outside right now it's sunny which in turn makes it bearable
  • its sunny
  • Youcan dress for the cold, but no matter how many layers you put on in WA when it rains you still get wet
  • its sunny
  • no mud, because no rain
  • its sunny
  • schools are smaller
  • its sunny
  • schools say pledge everyday and correctly with one nation under GOD
  • its sunny
  • schools have school store that rewards kids for good behavior, good grades
  • its sunny
  • my ward is awesome
  • its sunny
  • small town feel but we still have 2 grocery stores, jc pennys, lots of cafes with in 5 mins
  • its sunny
  • If its possible to believe I live surrounded by hay fields, even more remote then in orting.  lol
  • its sunny
  • The speed limit is 70 on the highway to my house and people actually do it and will pass you if your not
  • its sunny
In case you weren't catching on I love that it is sunny here.  I love waking up every morning and seeing the sun coming up over the hay fields.  Just automatically puts me in a good mood.

Montana Dislikes

  • My family and bestie arent here
  • There are rattlesnakes (although I have yet to see one)
  • My family and bestie arent here
  • hmmmmm cant think of anymore.
I do miss you all, but I am also so excited for this new chapter in our lives.  Montana is where my little family is suppose to be, and those of you that are close to me know I asked the Lord repeatedly before I left hoping He might change His answer but He didn't.  Although I miss you all I am so glad He didn't. I have learned soo much from this move,and being here.  It was a bumpy ride at first, since we were living in a 19 ft camp trailer for awhile until our house was ready.  But as I am sitting in my house writing this, I would not have changed a thing. I am so grateful to be in one of the only parts of the country with a flourishing economy, a place where my husband can have steady work, a job that he deserves and is good at, better medical, the list could go on, and on.  I will do my best to keep the blog updated so you guys can see what is going on in our lives, and more then anything it is a journal for me.  We miss you all!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Logans Vetrans Day Concert

Can I just say vetrans day here is what I have always imagined it should be in every school.  It's not a day off in Montana.  In montana you go and sing patriotic songs to the vetrans.  How cool is that.  Did I mention they meet as a whole school in the library every morning to say the pledge, and sing I am proud to be an American.  Man I love this school.

Homecoming parade

Homecoming is a huge deal here.  Have you ever seen Friday Night Lights well that pretty much sums it up.  Even the elementry schools get out early for the parade.  All the businesses shut down and put out their camping chairs and watch the parade.  And yes the games are even on the radio here every friday on an FM station.

Sometimes a kid just has to be a kid

Logan is my kiddo who is so reserved so when I can catch him being a kiddo, not thinking about who is watching, or if its going to matter, it is a moment I cherish.  Even more so when I can capture it on camera. 

 Rafe doing a running skid.  Grabbed this pic just at the right moment.  lol

Montana is so beautiful that sometimes a families just got to go for a walk.  I thought I would miss the orting trail soooo much, and I do, but out here we have dirt county roads that I can just go for a run right out my front door and run forever.  I love it.   The sunsets are awesome too. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our visit to fort buford north dakota

One of the coolest things about moving is getting to know the area.  So like a good mom I found the most boring historical site I could find and took the kids for a drive on what had to be the hottest day since we had been here.  lol.  No it was fun.  I think the funnest part was when daddy said he got off of work early and we went swimming. 

Kids first day of school 2011

rafes u fish bday

Everytime one of our children turn five they get to have a u fish bday and it was a blast!!!!

Friday, November 4, 2011