Saturday, July 11, 2009

Jakes Bday

Man where do I start!!! Well we went for a trail ride for jakes bday, and of course we had the family party too!!! Jake is a amazing man!!! He takes care of me in so many ways. There are so many little things he does that nobody sees. A lot of people see him as chauvinistic but that is okay to me. I want a man who will open doors for me, and change my oil so I don't have to, and take out the garbage because it is a boy job. He always makes sure to tell me and show me that he loves me. He leaves lipstick I love yous on the mirror, when we are in a crowded room he will walk up behind me and tell me I am beautiful. Lets just say he goes the extra mile to make sure I know that I am loved. He is also honest, a very hard worker, and extremely loyal. But most of all he tries very hard to be a worthy priesthood holder, and a good example to my boys. I am so glad that I grew up with him and that I have had the chance to know this wonderful man more then half my life!!! Happy Birthday to the best husband ever!!!
PS his bday was may 30th I am just behind on blogging!!!

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