Monday, September 13, 2010

Hope for Little Hearts 2010 (March 10)

So for those of you who don't know about Hope For Little Hearts here is the run down. Hope for Little Hearts was started in 2007. It was started because of Brody. Brody has Left Ventricular Non-compaction. It is a rare form of Cardiomyopathy. It affects the heart. There is no cure. The only cure if the heart starts to go downhill is a heart transplant. So while we were relieved that there was finally a diagnosis, we knew that there was a long scary road ahead. I had to put my fear to work in a positive way or I was going to go crazy. So we formed Hope for Little Hearts. This was our 3rd annual dinner auction. I have to say our attendees amaze me every year. This year was especially special to me. Rafes pre school helped out. They did an amazing job. They made cookie dough, and passed out the desserts. I was also touched by a little girl, and dear friends who made some desserts for the dessert auction. Most of all I was touched by how giving and wonderful all of the attendees were in this economic time. We are so grateful for all of you in our livs, and the many ways which you support this charity. We can not even put into words the hope that it gives us. Thank you so much!!!

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