Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rafe and the "bad guy"

So the other night Rafe was too afraid to go to bed. He said
"no there is a bad guy" so I said
So upstairs we went and he pointed to our shadow on the wall. I started laughing and scooped him up and said
"Let's go touch him, look it's you"
He started screaming and holding on to me for dear life. So I said
"No look it's funny you are the bad guy, that is so silly."
But he wasn't having any of it so I just cuddled him, the jake walked in and rafe started laughing and pointed to the wall and said
"look daddy's the bad guy."
So either I am a sucker and he got to stay up later, or he finally got what I was trying to explain.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Melissa - Harper did almost the exact same thing last week! She saw her shadow and started screaming "Monster!!" She is usually so laid back, but it took Tom and I hours to calm her down - must be a 2.5 year old thing :)