Thursday, February 5, 2009

So needless to say Rafe is by far my adventurous kid. He climbs on anything and everything. You can not turn your back for one second. He is very determined and will get what he wants at any cost. So we have these three drawers and he always pulls out the bottom drawer and stands in it and climbs on the counter even though it is a big "no, no". Well I am not quite sure how he managed this but I was doing laundry, (okay lets be honest I was most likely on the phone, or on the computer) he decided to try to get on the counter and he some how managed to get the drawer all the way out and off of its rollers. If that is not enough he some how managed up underneath the drawer. So after taking pictures, like any good mom would. I tried to get the drawer back on its rollers and I went to push it in. But Rafe all though he is not fat, he is my fat kid, and the drawer was to low to go over his stomach so I had to take the drawer out have him stand up and then put the drawer in. Pretty funny kid.

Are you really gonna take a picture first?

Get me outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I would have just left him there a bit. Maybe he'd learn a lesson....wait never mind. My 2yr old still takes off her poopy diaper no matter how many "lessons" I try and teach her. lol They sure make life interesting huh. :)