Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So apparently I am REALLY good at the medical stuff.

So apparently I am REALLY good at dealing with medical stuff. Not to toot my own horn or anything. Logan when he was trampled by the horse fractured his temporal bone. Which in turn made crebeal fluid leak our if his ear. (cerebeal fluid is the fluid that surrounds your brain.) Anyways, he has had to go back to the ear, nose and throat doc. every six weeks or so for checks ever since his accident. Ever since his accident he has had fluid in his ears. At first they said it was normal after this kind of trauma, but then when he still had fluid in his ear in november (his accident was in april) he said come back in March and if it is not gone then we will know something else is going on. So anyways we went back yesterday and not only is the fluid still there but there is more then before. Which doc said could be a sign of a broken Eustachian Tube. (Here is a link if you want to know what it does www.medicinenet.com/eustachian_tube_problems/article.htm). He said
"are you comfortable going to Seattle for a 2nd opinion?" I said
"we are going to Childrens, Huh?" he said
"how did you know?" i said
"trust me I know all about Childrens"
So anyways I am not sure what any of this means yet. I probably won't know until after the Childrens Appt. I do know that he does not have Eustachian Tube disfunction. He said that the Eustachian Tube is broken. Like I said not sure what that means yet, but I will let you know. This posts is mainly for grandmas. I am considering changing the caringbridge blog to the chronically hospital visiting sabins. HEHEHE


  1. Gunner just had an apt there a few weeks ago, when they make your apt request to see Dr. Sie, she is the best. good luck, hope all goes well.

  2. As I am reading your post, the song TOUGH is playing from your blog--I think it fits. =)
    I hope the doctor will have answers and solutions. Good luck with everything!

  3. oh good luck.. hope it goes well!