Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cammie Jean is One!!!

They were all so excited for you to get here!!!!!!!!!!!

You have been daddy's princess from the start!!!I love this hat, and the look on your face, like go ahead make my day!!!
Logan loves to hold you. He told me one day that he wishes you would stay small forever!!!

Yes you were spoiled from the start.

It was Cammie Jeans Bday on the 19th, but my computer was down and I couldn't do her bday blog. So here goes. I remember the day you were born. Grandpa and Grandma Sabin stayed with the kids so we could go to the hospital. Your Brothers were so excited to meet you. I figured that this being the 4th c section it would be smooth sailing. Your dad and the doc were out in the hall swapin hunting stories, and the nurse came out and told Dr. Shope to come in now!!! So once again your poor dad was left standing in the hall wondering what was going on. Apparently I like dramatic deliveries, I flatlined on the c section table. When I woke up, your dad said "see that flat line, your done having kids!!" I wasn't very scared, because, well, I wasn't awake but it sure scared your dad. My chest hurt really bad because the doctor had to thump it to get my heart going again.

We knew from the time we were pregnant with logan what we were going to name our baby girl. You were named Cammie-Jean after your grandmothers. You have brought such a special dynamic to this family. It is so much fun to have someone to dress in frilly, fun girly stuff. You have taught all the boys how to be sensitive and caring towards girls. It has been so much fun to watch you grow. You are a happy baby, and a blast to be around. You love to smile at everyone, and you are just like Brody you can light up a whole room with your smile. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father saw our family as the perfect fit for you. We love you and could not imagine life with out you.

PS will add more pics later, it takes forever with blogger.


  1. Glad you had a good birthday with Cammie-Jean! She is a doll;)

  2. oh my.. that is a dramatic delivery! crazy! glad you and she are both okay, she is adorable!