Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rafe is 3!!!!

I look like crud, but look at you, your beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

He was definately my fat baby!!!

This one is for you Kristen, it reminded me of our "tommy want wingy" conversation. HAHHA

Proof that he does have the gentle giant qualities
I just like your curiousity in this pic.

Rafe I remember the day you were born. We wnt to the hospital early. I was sooo worried about being late, that I forgot the camera, and we were a hour early!!!! I couldn't eat so there wasn't to much to do at 4 am. We got to the hospital and as usual the nurses tried to do my iv in my elbow, which never works your dad was so cute he got so mad, and said do it in her hand like she asked or get someone who can. I remember your dark hair when you were born. You were my first baby that got to come straight into my room, that was a new experience for me. Your bros had to be in the nursery. It was so nice to have you right there in my room. It was nice not to stay too long in the hospital too.

Rafe you are an amazing little boy. You are like the gentle giant. I say giant because I always called you my fat baby, but everyone made fun of me and said you really weren't that fat, but man compared to your brothers you were!!! You are very sensitive, yet very rough and tough. I love that you love to cuddle. You are a cuddle junkie. You love to try new things. You are not afraid of a challenge. You definatley were sent to this family to keep us on our toes, and trying new adventures. I know you will make a great missionary someday, because you are not afraid of a challenge. We love you and are sooo happy you are a part of our family!!!

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