Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sunset and rafe.

So maybe it is time to start a photography blog.....hmmmmm well we will see between this one and the workout blog, that may be to many. I can barely keep up with this one.
Sunset from my house. Too pretty not to share.

Here is Rafe. This is what happens when you bring your kiddos with you to work, but can't watch them every second. Him and Logan were playing bouncy ball in the concession stand at the arena, and they boh went for the ball, and well...... rafe lost. He slid in to the sharp corner of the table and was bleeding everywhere!!! All while I was announcing the horse events. Logan came running out to me screaming (mind you I am holding a microphone) emergency!!!! emergency!!!! So I tell him to wait a minute, because sometimes he over reacts, well not this time out comes Rafe being carried by the baby sitter. Blood squirting out of his head. I am just glad he was okay. Let's just say this along with some other factors helped our decision to close the arena.


  1. ouch! poor baby! glad he is okay! fun to catch up on your blog... so to add more pictures, you should be able to do 5 at a time... then when they are uploaded, go back and do it again... you should be able to.. good luck!

  2. Thank yuo soooo much lauralee!!! I had been wondering about that!!!