Saturday, January 30, 2010

Trip to Paradise

Just some pretty spots. Explanation below of why there are no pics of the fam.

I loved this bridge.

Jake loved this canyon

Jakes Canyon again

The mountain up close!!

Jake forgot his sunglasses so.....
He used mine. HAHAHA
So our trip to Paradise was not all it was cracked up to be. Lets just say once we finally got there it got off to a rough start. Then the sledding hill was so far away that we couldnt just leave Cammie Jean in the car. So we had to lug all the baby paraphenelia with us. Then it was too cold so one of us had to hang at the car with her while the other played with the boys. Then the sledding hill line was forever long, so logan only got in two runs in like 45 minutes. So needless to say we are definatley Greenwater people. You can pick any hill you want, and park right next to it. Cammie Jean gets cold she can go in the car, and we are still right there. You don't see another person pretty much all day, which is nice. But I do have to say the scenery is definately nicer at Paradise.

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