Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grandma came to visit!!! July 2010

Logan is my little monkey he loves to climb the trees!!!

Cammie Jean being a little lady (not) while eating her ice cream.


Grandma came to visit!!! Yeah!!! The kiddos love their grandma. She is soooo much fun. She always likes to come and go on the trail with us!! We decided we would go from my house to mcdonalds to get the kiddos ice cream and back. (it's about a 7 mile trip.) So off we headed with the strollers. Well we got to mcdonalds and everyone was hungry. Then when it was time to leave I got a bunch of i'm tireds, and how far is it back? Then grandma felt a blister coming so she stayed with the kiddos at the park and I got to run back to the house pushing no stroller. It is definately a special treat to go running with no stroller for me. So thank you for getting a blister Glorya. lol.

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