Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mommy goes to Florida

SO here is what happens when I get behind on blogging. I forgot that in May mommy went to florida to visit her friend des for 7 days. Wow!!! I have never been away by myself without the kiddos or Jake since I've been married. So I guess I was due. It was a fun trip. We went to Busch gardens, way cool. Except for Jason said whether I wanted to or not I had to feed the birds. I was so scared and didn't want to but he said I had to. But as you can see below he got his. lol. We also took a trip to the beach. So much fun. I also got to hear Elder Anderson and His wife speak which was way too cool. Me and Des also took the girls to get their pics, and that was fun too. It was a great growing experience for me (mostly Jake though. hehe) to be away from the kiddos and to know everything would be fine. One of the nicest parts was coming home and seeing how much I was missed. I don't get that very often due to the fact that the kiddos are always with me. I have to say though after seeing these pics I may contemplate moving to Florida. lol.

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