Friday, December 9, 2011


Jake would be sooooo embarassed if he knew I was writing this. This has been on my heart since I first heard the song thats playing.  I cried the first time I heard this song.  All I could think of was Jake.  I am so lucky and honored to be married to a man who is willing to do anything to provide for his family. 
We had tried everything in Orting to keep our business afloat.  We held on until we couldn't anymore.  He had no work in the pipeline,we were not sure how we would pay our mortgage.  He heard that work was busting at the seams over in Sidney, Montana.  So we prayed.  We both got our answer.  The same answer.  That he was to go.  It was scary.

Many of you don't know this story but we took the last $1500 we had bought a camper for him to sleep in and he left for Montana, because he heard there was work.  I love the first verse because this is what life was like for Jake.  He pulled into the first place he saw in Sidney that did excavation, gave them his resume.  That is where he was at, everything about me is on that page.  Nothing to hide, just need a job, I will work weekends if I have to, give you 40 and then some what ever it takes.  (although he never served in the army)

Gave my last job everything before it headed south, took the shoes off my childrens feet and the food out of their mouths.  This line gets me everytime.  This man knows what it is like to not be paid for a job.  He always paid his subs no matter the sacrifices we had to make as a family because he knew what it felt like to not be paid,and he did he gave it everything before he left for Montana.

I got a strong back, steel toes, handy with a wrench, theres nothing I can't drive and nothing I can't fix, aint to proud to sweep the floors.  Again just so proud to have a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to provide for his family.  Who doesn't run and hide because the wolves are at the door, but faces them and does his best to feed them and send them on there way. 

The Lord has blessed us immensly since we have been here, and I know it is due to my husbands righteous leadership of this family, and his hard work.  I am so grateful to be here in Montana, and have a man that is willing to take a leap of faith and follow the Lords counsel even when it seems crazy.  Well I guess I will stop bragging.  I just had to do it, since my blog is my journal.  


  1. Jake shouldn't be embarrassed by that. I bet a lot of wives wish they could say the same. Your children are lucky to have such an example of faith, dedication, sacrifice, and love for family. Way to be Jake!