Tuesday, December 13, 2011

special needs

Sometimes special needs can be sooo exhausting.  Not to mention expensive.  lol  This post is funny to me for sooo many reasons. 
A)  We have been denied SSI for our little man for lack of proof of special needs due to lack of diagnosis.  You want proof read this.  lol
B) I have heard it said that a lot of people view blogs as peoples Disneyland life, that people only put their best face on.  Let me just say if this is disneyland I want no part.  lol
C) After he broke the first screen I said no more computer at all.  He begged and begged for a couple days and assured me he was sooo sorry.  So even though the spirit told me no I let them use the only other computer we have to  watch netflix since our tv isnt moved in yet since we are waiting on carpet in the living room.  Can you say sucker?  So yes now we have two broken computer screens.  lol
So 150 dollars later lesson learned, and dually noted.  Hmmm maybe the docs can diagnose now.  lol

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