Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brodys First Match

The other kid was punching brody in the head.  His mom was yrlling from the side line no no punching.  It was pretty funny. 
Okay before we get started brodys doctor said it was okay for brody to participate as long as he quits when he is tired.  We have a signal brody is to give when he is done.  We have prayed as his parents about this decision.  We have always said brodys life is about quality not quantity.  Look at that smile above he is smiling in every picture.   Ok now that thats out of the way brody did so awesome.  He was smiling the whole time and loved every minute of it.  He had to wrestle the same guy twice and he pinned him both times!!  He came home with two 1st places!!! Way to go Brody!!

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  1. Nice pics Melissa :). Your kids look great out there!