Saturday, January 28, 2012

Team Dummy Roping sidney mt

Well the boys were all excited to go dummy roping in sidney last weekend.  As you can see there are only pics of rafe.  The other boys fought all day.  Against our better judgement we decide to go anyway.  We get in the car and the other two start punching each other and yelling so jake put the car in park and got out and went in the house.  They followed him and were like dad we need to go!!! And he was like i'm not taking you guys.  Why should I take you when you can't even behave?  Then rafe walked in crawled up in jakes lap and was like but dad I was good.  Then jake was like ah crap we got to go now.  Rafe does deserve to go.  So that is why rafe is the only one roping.  Hard night for us since we had to stick to our guns.  Hard night for the other boys as they learned a lesson.  But hey looks like Rafe is having a blast.  lol

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