Sunday, January 15, 2012

Car ride to Silver Mountain

So its true I am a photographer and I didnt even take any pics of us at Silver Mountain.  But before you critisize I was scared to death to have my camera around all that water.  So the pics of the place off of the internet.  Another con of being a photographer is I am never in any of the pics.  I swear I am part of the fam.  lol  Now back to my silver mountain report.  This place is amazing!!!!  Where Great wolf lodge was all  uptight and there were no rides that we could go on as a fam, this place lets everyone on every ride as long as anyone under 42" had an adult.  So what did this mean?  Brody didnt get left out of the big kid stuff!!  Also they had an awesome surfing wall which logan rocked at.  It was so much fun to see him have so much self confidence.  He even surpased all the adults, except for the guy that made surf boards for a living.  But he doesn't count.  lol  Cammie Jean even got to ride the flow rider the life guard took her on with her .  It even has a gondola leaving the complex to take you to the top of the mountain for skiing, or tubing.  There is also a mini mall attatched with all kinds of good eats.  Now if only I had 100,000 then I could buy a condo here.  Our condo was amazing by the way.  It had seperate quarters for mom and dad, with a huge bathroom, washer dryer, kitchen, couch, fireplace, balcony, upstairs for the kiddos, amazing view.  I am telling you if you have the chance this place is well worth the money.  Price I would say is comparable to GWF but I would go here hands down over GWF.  So thank you gpa and gma trulson for the CHRISTmas present.  To say the least it was enjoyed. 

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