Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yes I am addicted to blogging.

So you all have shown me how to blog. (Obviously still learning about the backgrounds and so forth.) And now I am addicted. Jake asked me the other day, "what is with you being the picture queen lately?" I said "I have always been a picture freak" He said "not like this" Then I realized I am taking pics of everything. Looking for something to post. I justify it saying I am keeping grandma up to date. But lets be real. I am a proud momma who is loving sharing my family. So without further wait here are some of the moments captured.

The daniels and us going to the carbon and checking the level. Uh... If even the police where the blockades were are gone does that mean we should evacuate? Nah!!! We always wanted a helicopter ride.

Rafe snuck into pudding and brown sugar. Most likely while I was blogging. HAHA

These boys are so fun. They got in a diaper box and used it as a car to go to the drive ins. They are like having twins, except they are different ages.

PS I started a new work out and set some goals for myself. Feel free to ask me how it is going. That way I know I have people to answer to. So I won't quit. HAHAHA


  1. Found your blog while reading someones them someone elses and so on. it's habit forming this blogging stuff. The picture of Tommy Boy, I mean Rafe is so dang cute. He just looks naughty!

  2. Tommy Boy? You know he did eat paint chips once. j/k Love the pic Melissa.

  3. so tell us about your work out routine! I can help you with your blog if you want.. it's pretty fun.. and I have made some great friends.. curt calls them my imaginary friends.. they are real to me!

  4. I am with you on the picture overload thing. I am always saying, "oh wait, Blog material!" That's funny!

  5. Great pictures, Melissa. :-) I'm addicted to blogging and I don't even have one! lol. It's fun to keep updated on your beautiful family. And I think your new workout goals are fantastic! So when is Des going to talk you into doing an ultra-marathon? lol