Thursday, January 1, 2009

Best of 2008!!!!!!!!!

Well it happened 2009 is here!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few of the best of 2008 from the Sabins. We had a lot of great moments, but I am going to just highlight a few. But before I do I would like to share a couple of things that we have learned this year.
  • For those of you that know us you will understand our family motto that I sort of stole from another friend. "prepare for the worst hope for the best." I have learned that in doing so we can be prepared for whatever comes our way.
  • Being a mother is easy, being a good mommy is hard.

    A clean house is nice, but my kids will remember me playing with them more.

  • There is something special about daddy's and daughters.
  • Heavenly Father is a Father of mercy, and will never forsake us, or leave us comfortless.

  • 6 year olds know everything.
  • The Lord does not give us any trial that we can not handle, and any trial we get is because He loves us and wants us to learn and grow.

  • I have great friends, and family!!!!
  • Last I always knew that I loved my family and that we can be together forever, but I really have a deeper understanding of what that means. It is one of the most precious gifts I have ever been given. My family is Foreever!!!

Rafe went in the river with his diaper so he had to walk back to camp diaperless.

Hope for Little Hearts (Notice the trying to hide baby belly, what did I think I was hiding?)

Brody snuck into the suntan lotion and then snuck outside into the dirt!!

Our little family!!! Finally a Girl!!

Football with Logan!!

Great Grandpa Hales 90th Birthday!!!


Cammie Jean on Sabin Christmas

Snow with the Rodartes

Our horse trip to long beach.

Our long nights spent at the Playin Cowboy arena

(below) Rafe snuck out to hunt Coyotes. (Note the toy gun in hand)


  1. I LOVE the re-cap of the year! And I especially love the lessons you learned ... that family motto is a pretty good one, I must say. :-) LOL. Those are really great pictures, Melissa. The Sabins rock!