Friday, January 9, 2009

Since the blog is called Sabins Life on the mini farm, i figured I should probably include pics of the animals, right? So we bought some sheep for the muttin busting for Playing Cowboy. Well I guess we now know why the guy was getting rid of them so cheap........umm they were pregnant. So not only are we horse gaming event holders, excavating company workers/partners (I am not exactley sure what we are). but apparently we are sheep farmers now. Let me tell you why Heavenly Father compares us to sheep. Sheep are so stupid, you save one from drowning in the creek and it goes right back to the place it almost drown. I am sure that is why Heavenly Father comapres us to sheep. He is like okay we didn't learn the lesson lets try again. Anyways if anyone wants to bring the kiddos to see the sheep give me a call. We have a baby one, a set of twins, and now realizing that those sheep were not fat, but pregnant, I am guessing we probably have another set of twins on the way, and another baby sometime in the next 3 days or so.

PS If you were thinking of buying sheep I was kidding they are so intelligent you should come buy some from us. Great lesson for the kids. Also for all my primary parents I am so bringing pics on sunday and telling all your kids that they are for sale. HEHEHE


  1. Oh my gosh, you crack me up! That was hilarious! :-) If we had land, I'd totally buy a sheep from you!

  2. too funny! I just found your blog thru amy thulin.. that post cracked me up..