Saturday, January 17, 2009

Logan and Mommy time!!!

So I had a very interesting day today. Yesterday I promised Logan I would make cookies with him. Well to say the least I have had a interesting day. But unfortunately no matter how interesting the day "mommahood" and momma promises always come first. Thank goodness for children. I think Heavenly Father knew that was exactly what I needed. To spend some time with my precious Logybear and remember how fun mommahood can truly be. The babies all went down for their naps and it was just me and logan. It was great. Well at least he will know how to make cookies on his mission. Can't promise anything else. HAHA

Me and Logan

Logan decided to use raisins? Okay he definitely can't be my kid, where's the chocolate?

Wow aren't they great?

(Below) He is such a boy!!! I swear he did not lick the cookies. So if you ate some I swear we were sanitary!!!!!


  1. I love it! What's the deal with the raisins?

  2. I am not sure. He wanted the cookies to be healthy. I reminded him that they were SUGAR cookies. probably not healthy no matter what.

  3. mmmmmm...coookkkiieeesss. I don't even care if he licked the raisins off of the cookies. Man I need to do some of that kind of stuff with Katie. I just beat her and make her watch Sponge Bob all day. Just kidding she didn't watch Sponge Bob. lol

  4. How fun! I'm super impressed, his cookies looked great! He'll be a great cookie-making missionary someday . . . and hubby for some lucky little lady! :-)