Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What did the sabins do for spring break?

Monday March 30th
We went to the Pacific Science Center. It was only 1.00 to get in it was great fun. A slide show is posted above this posting.

Tuesday we stayed home and cleaned house. Decided not to take pics.

Wednesday we visited grandpa and grandma rice, and got to eat at Mcdonalds. Forgot the camera for pics. Dangit!!!!!!

Thursday Logan got to go play with Peyton, excuse me Jared. I went to pick logan up for horse riding lessons, and Rafe was suppose to stay in the truck, but he forgot to listen, fell out of the truck and caught himself with his forehead. He cracked it pretty hard. Hard enough that the firetruck, and ambulance came. We sabins don't do anything part way. So we left in the ambulance, as a precaution as it was a head wound and we could see down to the bone. Below are pics. We got to the hospital and the doc looked and said the bone looked great just needed stitches then we could head home. A quick thanks to Amy for finding priesthood so quickly for a blessing, the Rodartes for watching Logan the yummy bread and cookies too!!!, Jessica for watching brody and cammie jean, and brother bradshaw, and slagle for dropping everything and coming to give a blessing, and of course to the sweet bishop who tried to visit us. Bishop said it might be advisable for my kids to put on helmets when they wake up. I would have to agree.

Friday, we went and saw Grandpa and Grandma Hale.

Saturday we listened to morning session of conference, then we went to watch our friends brandon and trisha in a horse gaming competition. Then we went to the park for a little picnic and play.

Sunday we listened to conference and then went to a bbq at the wagners


  1. a ride in the ambulance? sweet! glad he is okay.. looks like a fun spring break.. I need to take my kids to the Pacific science center..fun times!

  2. Those stitches look like they hurt. Sounds like you were surrounded by a lot of helpful people--so nice. Maybe helmets would be a good idea. =)
    Glad you all had fun at the Pacific Science Center. That's a great price on admission!