Sunday, April 5, 2009

Some of my favorite quotes from conference

Here are some of my favorite quotes from conference. I missed a lot of it because my kids are so young, and don't quite grasp that even though we are at home it is still church. So bear with me if I don't finish a complete thought, I was most likely interrupted. I loved from Allan F Packer these simple statements:

"We must know and know that we know"
"Testimony is to know and to feel, conversion is to do and to become."

I loved these because it is a call to action. We can't know and know that we know with out prayer and study. We can have a testimony, and feel and say all the right things, but until we are doers we are not fully converted. What great reminders. I also loved this great reminder from his talk:
"Having the capacity to recieve revelation will become neccessary in the coming days."
If we are not doing the little things everyday like reading our scriptures, saying personal, family, and couples prayer, going to the temple, keeping temple covenants, living so that we can answer our temple interview questions honestly, attending our church meetings, ect. it is going to be hard to recieve the neccessary revelation to guide our families.

I wrote down many other notes, but as I said it is hard to pay attention especially when brody, and rafe are awake. So I am going to put them down for their nap, and I will share the rest later, after afternoon session!!!

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