Sunday, April 26, 2009

Make A Wish......

We are sooooooooooo excited. Brody gets to go on a Make A Wish trip, well really the whole family gets to go. Brody was so funny. After we got the call that he got to go, I was asking all of the kids if you could have one wish on the whole world, or go on any vacation in the whole world what would it be? Logan said Seaworld. Brody said a helicopter (like an actual helicopter that he could sit in and fly),

I said "I don't think that will happen, is there anything else? "

He said " A bicycle helmet"

So jake and I did not want to be one of those parents that directs the wind but it looks like we had to. So I took him upstairs to the computer and showed him lots of different places we could go. A long time ago we were watching a show about swimming with dolphins and he loved it.

So I said "you want to swim with dolphins?"
His little face lit up and he said "yeah!!!!"
So off to the only place that i knew you could swim with dolphins. The Atlantis website. SO I show him the pic of the dolphins and he says
"oh no that fish will bite me." So I say
"where do you want to go?"
He says "I want to go to the place you tell me I want to go."
So I name 3 or 4 places and he says no to all of them and says
"quit telling me where I want to go on bacation"
SO I say where do you want to go
he says I want to go to the place you tell me I want to go.
This goes on for about 3 more rounds. Finally he sees a pic of a golf course in hawaii, and says I want to go there.
I say to that hotel?
He says no the green grass and trees.
I say yeah the hotel has those.
He says no I want those trees and grass.

So then I decided to give Jake a whirl at it. We have narrowed it down to swimming with dolphins. He decided that was what he wanted to do. I got the paperwork yesterday in the mail. I almost cried, (a good cry) I can't believe this is happening!!! Although we had to direct the wind a little, I know he will have a blast. We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS We are trying very hard to include Logan in this so if you ask Brody and Logan is standing there, please make sure to ask him about it too. Thanks!!!!


  1. That is awesome! Swimming with the dolphins will be amazing. I'm so excited for you!!

  2. the bicycle helmet is a cute response.. glad you were able to point him in a good direction.. very exciting